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Set your life on fire.

Seek those who fan your flames...

- Rumi -

Fireplaces & Chimineas

The Fire is the centrepiece, the focal point and the star attraction in most great outdoor areas. It is the Fire that gathers all your friends and family into it's warm embrace with it's hypnotic dancing and crackling. Start making memories - Select your Masterpiece now from our great range and become the envy of everyone you know.

Braziers & Firepits

The humble Brazier has come of age. It has caught the attention of many great designers. Fortunately it has lost none of its function in its quest for form and recognition. Each and every one of our Braziers and Firepits will warm the body, heart & soul of all who sit around them, all the while looking great in any outdoor area - especially yours...

Wood Storage

The hidden beauty of Fire Wood is now apparent thanks to clever design and a new way of thinking. Fire Wood storage has now become an integral part of the design and function of the modern outdoor living space by morphing into a lot more than fuel for the fire. It can now create its own bold statement or double as a screen instead of being banished to an unsightly pile behind the shed or at the bottom of the yard.

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